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ENGINEERING SERVICES:      Cross Winton Associates, Inc. is a professional design firm providing "Total Concept" design and planning for commercial, light industrial, religious, and educational facilities throughout the Central Texas area.  Total Concept design and planning is providing complete plans and specifications for all aspects of each project.  We begin with individual consultation with the owner/client to determine his requirements for a project.   After a determination of needs, detailed construction drawings and specifications are prepared.  Cross Winton's experience and knowledge of the construction process helps to provide for an economical and aesthetical design.  Complete and thorough bidding documents provide for better bid prices, fewer change orders, and fewer contractor errors or omissions.  Our service continues with administration of the construction contract and periodic visits to the jobsite during construction.  Cross Winton also has the ability to provide evaluations of existing facilities, projections of future needs, and estimated costs of new facilities.

PHILOSOPHY: Cross Winton's reputation has been built by providing quality professional services to complete functional projects within the established budget, and providing for future expansion.  Our design philosophy is that form follows function.  The prime consideration in all designs is that a building must provide for the service and functions for which it is intended.  In addition, the project must fall within the funds available for construction.  Special design statements and features are secondary to function depending on owner's requirements and budget restraints.  Cross Winton Associates can provide design services from the basic to the most elaborate as desired by an Owner.  In any case the design will meet or exceed minimum engineering criteria for a sound, durable and functional structure.  We believe the ultimate success of a building project depends upon complete communication and cooperation between the owner, the design team, and the construction team.


HISTORY:  Cross Winton Associates, Inc. traces its roots in building construction for over sixty years.  The founder of the firm, J. W. Bush, practiced in Waco from 1945 while associated with several architects, providing Architectural‑Engineering services until 1976.  In 1976 J. W. Bush Consulting Engineers was formed, providing the same professional services as in the previous thirty years.  In 1980, Herb Cross joined the firm, which incorporated under the name of Bush + Cross.  In 1994, after the retirement of J.W. Bush, Herb Cross and Jim Winton joined to form Cross Winton Associates, and in 1998 founded CWA Construction.  In 2005, in order to focus solely on building design, Jim Winton obtained sole ownership of Cross Winton Associates, Inc.